The Makauri Story

Our Place. Our School.

The origins of the name ‘Makauri’

“The area Makauri, as much as the rest of Poverty Bay Flats was covered in vast stands of Kahikitea or Makauri trees. The Makauri tree, as legend has it, originated from Hawaiki, and was originally a feather from the great bird of Ruakapa. The feather was plucked and dropped onto Ariel Reef. The iwi Te Aitanga a Mahaki use the Makauri tree as a tribal emblem”. A mosaic seat at the front of the school tells the story of the above legend.

Over the years we have added to our knowledge of the legend with many elaborations. We are grateful for the support of the local Runanga for developing and sharing their stories with our staff, students and community, including the Makauri Story.

A mosaic seat at the front of the school tells the legend of the Makauri Tree, which gives its name to the school. Ask a student or staff member to tell you the l legend.

The Makauri Song

Makauri te kura e

Ko horouta te waka

Waipuna te maunga

Mangamotea te awa

Te aitanga-a-mahaki

Makauri te kura e

Nau mai haere mai, nga iwi katoa

Tenei te mini atu, mai nga tamariki

Makauri te kura e

Makauri te kura e

Copy of Makauri Story

The Makauri Story written over time by the students at Makauri.

Makauri Mahakirau

Mahakirau tells the story of the Makauri Tree, written by the Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa.